Background: The N2TO Paddleboard Crossing

The Lake Ontario Crossing is a 32-mile paddleboard race from Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON to Toronto.

This is Canada’s first and only open-water distance race designed to provide Great Lakes paddlers with an experience similar to Molokai-to-Oahu (Hawaii) and the Catalina Classic (California).

Make no mistake – despite being in fresh water, this crossing is a big and exposed paddle not to be taken lightly. At the mid point of the traditional route, paddlers are 25km from shore and without cell coverage for 2-3 hours. And, while the Lake is often calm, it can also churn up 8 foot swells.

In 2014, Dan Michaluk completed the first known prone paddleboard crossing along with Rob Kavcic, who set a time benchmark with one of the first standup paddleboard crossings – both came in under the 6 hour mark. A year later, they were joined by Gander Tawaststjerna and enjoyed an exhilarating crossing in very challenging ocean-like conditions.

With that, The Lake Ontario Crossing 32-mile paddleboard race was created to share this experience with the local paddling community, many who have been hungry for such a physical and mental test.

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