Endurance Championship 2020

Race window: July 15, 2020 to August 31, 2020
Distance: 25 km+

Course: Point-to-point, out-and-back or loop – paddlers choice, so get creative.

Rules: Total distance must be completed in one continuous paddle with no stopping the clock. Total distance must meet the posted minimum or longer.

Ranking will be a blend of speed and distance.

Prize draws: $25 Vaikobi gift card with Infinite Blue; S.Å.K. gear. Hammer Nutrition 20% discount for all paddlers.

Bonus award vote for the best endurance paddle of the season!

Live Leaderboard

* Score is the average pace with a ‘speed boost’ applied for longer distances. See examples here.

Note: Live results will update within a few minutes of submission. Final results subject to review.

Series points are based on time relative to the category leader, adjusted for credibility rank (* = half points, ***** = full points).

Credibility rank? You get 1 star for posting results; 2 more for a GPS link, 1 more for a social media link; 1 more for comments.

Share photos and video here. We’ll compile a video after each event!