Paddle Battle 2020

Race window: September 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020
Distance: 6 km

Course details: Multiple loops. Paddlers start on land and repeat a course with 3 buoy turns. Example.

3 laps x 2 km each

Total distance completed should be as close to the required total as possible. Final results ranked based on min/km.

Prize draws: $25 Vaikobi gift card with Infinite Blue; S.Å.K. gear; Zyia Activewear gift card; Hammer Nutrition 20% discount for all paddlers.

Live Leaderboard

Note: Live results will update within a few minutes of submission. Final results subject to review.

Series points are based on distance relative to the category leader, adjusted for credibility rank (* = half points, ***** = full points).

Credibility rank? You get 1 star for posting results; 2 more for a GPS link, 1 more for a social media link; 1 more for comments.

More info and FAQ

Share photos and video here. We’ll compile a video after each event!