SUP Sprint Series 2020

May 1st to Aug 31st
Monthly series: Post a times each month May to August
Distance: 1 km
Series result based on point system.

Course: Out-and-back.

Rule: Full turn at 500m; finish where you start
Rule: Board length up to 14′

You can re-post a better time during each period

Season Standings and Final results

Thomas Markhauser is your 2020 overall men’s champion. He managed to edge out Rob Kavcic in what turned out to be an epic season-long battle–they even tied in the final round in August. Ian Connor took third spot with a strong and consistent showing.

Ranking raw finishing times, Tommy Buday posted the fastest 1000m of the year at 5:35, with Maxim Poulin (5:40) and Tim Oliver (5:50) close behind. 

Jessica Rando is your 2020 women’s champion, winning all four rounds of the sprint challenge, and posting the fastest female time of the year at 6:18.

Lisa Beaudoin takes second spot on the year, with Wendy Tillett in third place. Terrific paddling and commitment!

Note: Live results will update within a few minutes of submission. Final results subject to review.
Series points are based on time relative to the category leader, adjusted for credibility rank (* = half points, ***** = full points).
Credibility rank? You get 1 star for posting results; 2 more for a GPS link, 1 more for a social media link; 1 more for comments.
Full Results by Round