Not a Downwind, Downwinder!

Greg, Jp and I saw some 11 mph winds the day before on Windy, planned everything then realized upon waking Sunday morning the wind was down to 7 mph with no gusts. We  paddled in the middle of a 80 degree F day with more boat chop then ever. It was non stop chop for 7 miles with no wind or waves to ride. So, it really just ended up being a slow, very challenging 7 miles.
Although not pretty, it will work for some bottom feeder downwind race points!
…And I got to steal my wife’s new Infinity 2020 14×23 Blackfish dugout for a nice maiden voyage!

117875956_10117901430356884_7256498788914816084_o-0.jpg 118138433_10117901430890814_2298913617651770522_o-1.jpg 118209232_10117901430287024_6442843241827368516_o-2.jpg

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