Downwind Cup 2021

Date: May 1 to Sep 30
Distance: 12 km +

Course details: Point-to-point course, best done with a tailwind. This is an open-water race in spirit, which means lake/ocean with wind, rather than a river with current.

Meet the minimum distance requirement, but feel free to go longer. Results ranked by average pace (min/km). You can re-post better results during the race period.

Live Leaderboard
Brad PetrusSUPM35-4904:4512.00:56:5975.0***Rainy, moderate winds for a downwind #SprintGPSSOCIAL
Rob KavcicOC1M35-4904:4712.00:57:20100.0*****Lake Ontario. Oakville to Port Credit @ 20 ktsVolareGPSSOCIAL
Tim OliverOC1M35-4905:2320.41:49:4588.8*****First ever OC1 Downwind... so funVolareGPSSOCIAL
Ash AdamsSUPM35-4905:3014.81:21:1986.4*****SE winds on Lake Huron. Fun glides Starboard GPSSOCIAL
Rob KavcicSUPM35-4905:3212.01:06:2185.8*****Oakville to Port CreditInfinity BlackfishGPSSOCIAL
Marianne TaiOC1F35-4905:4412.01:08:53100.0*****HUGE SWELLS. This included pit stops too!Ares OC1GPSSOCIAL
Daniel L MillerSUPM35-4905:5518.41:48:4980.2*****Only 4 mile lake so went up and downCarolina nspGPSSOCIAL
Stella GanOC1F35-4906:0212.01:12:2395.2*****Fun NE Wind 10-22kt. 54F(12C)water temp..brrrNelo EXcel 6.0GPSSOCIAL
Ryan BlakeSUPM35-4906:1012.01:13:5777.0*****Awesome conditions. Will do again Infinity Downtown 14x27GPSSOCIAL
Jessica RandoSUPF35-4906:1712.01:15:23100.0*****NE downwind run on Lake Simcoe! Infinity Blackfish14X23GPSSOCIAL
Sylvain St-CyrSUPM50-6406:1712.01:15:3275.5*****Light wind but easier to paddle and rideRiviera RP 14 x 25GPSSOCIAL
Carole FullertonOC1F50-6406:1712.01:15:2791.3*****Felt the ocean's shift to autumn wind...HurricaneGPSSOCIAL
Jake DavidsonSUPM35-4906:2214.21:30:1474.6*****Fell many times, lots of room for improvement Starboard GPSSOCIAL
Bruno TurcotteSUPM50-6406:3012.01:18:0054.7***First attempt drag seaweed and broken paddle #DoSport Drave FD 14x23GPSSOCIAL
Dmitri TsvetkovSUPM35-4906:3312.01:18:4072.4*****Multiple falls, but lots of challenging fun Starboard All StarGPSSOCIAL
Lamond LeeOC1M35-4906:4912.01:21:4970.1*****22kph wind, 0.3m wavesAresGPSSOCIAL
Chris BuottSUPM35-4906:5114.11:36:2169.3*****NE 30+ wind fairly clean waves for Kbay Starboard Allstar GPSSOCIAL
Rod AlbroughOC1M50-6406:5612.01:23:1060.3****Not the wind I was hoping forVolareGPSSOCIAL
Ariel AmaralSUPF35-4906:5812.21:24:5790.1*****Gentle Downwind on KempenfeltBlu Wave 14 Carbon RaceGPSSOCIAL
Danielle HoldsworthSUPF35-4906:5912.61:27:5067.4***Mount Julian to Burleigh Falls #Starboard SprintGPSSOCIAL
Trevor QuintonSUPM35-4907:0612.01:25:1266.8*****Getting it done hoping for more wind next weekendInfinity WhiplashGPSSOCIAL
Wendy Tillett SUPF50-6407:1414.31:43:3086.8*****Lake of 2 Mountains Epic Fun Downwinder:)Infinity Blackfish GPSSOCIAL
Craig WilsonSUPM50-6408:0813.11:46:0251.1****Bark 14’GPSSOCIAL
Maxwell AckfordSUPM20-3408:1012.01:38:0158.1*****Complete washing machine. Worst paddle to date. Starboard Allstar GPSSOCIAL
Billy Williams SUPM35-4908:3512.11:43:4955.3*****I'll take the wind that I get this year.NSP Carolina 14x22.5GPSSOCIAL
Chris McCurrachSUPM50-6408:4115.22:12:2254.6*****PlaceholderNaishGPSSOCIAL
Dr. RobSUPM35-4908:4627.74:02:3354.1*****No Wind, No current, No boat Chop, Full Sun 🙂StarboardSprint 14x21GPSSOCIAL
JP IppolitoSUPM35-4908:5327.74:05:5953.4*****Smooth water with a few bumps here and thereStarboard Sprint 14x21GPSSOCIAL
Megan SheppardSUPF35-4908:5712.01:47:2970.1*****22km winds N NW struggled to trimONE Edge Pro 14 x 23GPSSOCIAL
Sean HaddowSUPM50-6409:2514.02:11:4450.4*****Port Franks to Grand Bend; light wind, small bumpsInfinity Blackfish14x27GPSSOCIAL
Tara ImersonSUPF50-6409:5516.02:38:5663.3*****Lake Simcoe, 3' waves as wind changed from S to SEstarboardsprint21.5x14GPSSOCIAL
Sharon PurdySUPF65+10:1712.42:07:2461.0*****It was a "swell" paddle -- a learning experience!BARK 12'6"GPSSOCIAL
Chris Grack WilsonSUPF35-4910:3312.02:06:3259.5*****No wind-finished in dark, no point-to-point optionHALA Straightup InflateGPSSOCIAL

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Dernière course de la saison! 🤟🏻
Vent avec rafales à 34kmh 😳
Courant inhabituel pour cette endroit 🤷🏻‍♀️

Merci à mon coach et amoureux Jean Laroche d’avoir été à mes côtés durant la saison 🥰

Merci à mon sponsor Les vêtements Shack de m’avoir supporté pour une autre belle année! 🤩

À l’année prochaine!!! ☺️
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La vraie dernière course est à l’île d’Orléans le 15 😉😉 Championnat de Downwind à Québec - 2ème édition 😇😇

C’est vraiment cool de voir combien tu t’es améliorée cette année et la confiance que tu as prises avec Jean a tes côtés !!

Bruno Turcotte ah c’est vraiment gentil! Merci de m’avoir intégrer au TEAM QC a Burlington et ensuite dans toute les courses de la saison!!! Jean fait dire qu’il a vendu son « gros » board pour magasiner un SIC comme le tien 😉

Paddle Battle! Finished my last race of the season with fellow Alberta paddler Jana Nielsen-Miceli. Thanks for a great season 🙌 ... See MoreSee Less

Paddle Battle! Finished my last race of the season with fellow Alberta paddler Jana Nielsen-Miceli. Thanks for a great season 🙌Image attachment

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Looks like a great ending !!

End of season is approaching... note that we'll keep posting open through next weekend, to October 3rd, to give everyone a chance to finish up. Great effort! ... See MoreSee Less

Dernière course virtuelle de la saison,bon défi pour garder la motivation
final virtual race of the season.Good way to keep motivation during the season.
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Dernière course virtuelle de la saison,bon défi pour garder la motivation 
final virtual race of the season.Good way to keep motivation during the season.

Downwind 12 km Prone

Finding the time and the right time for this one was a dual challenge for September. Sure enough the morning I was to go the winds changed. I changed course. (It often doesn’t matter - wind, wave apps, environment Canada or how obsessively I check.) Winds didn’t make for a fast run but were steady and stayed the course. Water - total cooperation with only a few intermittent swells that made it fun. Smooth right at the end. A beautiful run in open water (my favourite) on Lake O in a rare even tempered mood.

All 10 Challenges Done
But not always so easy on a Prone. End of DW 12 km I switched boards with my SUP buddy and after paddling 1.5 km on my prone he said, “you can’t stay in this position for very long. Prone is hard.” (And he’s a fit Iron Man😂) Yup it can be. Glad he said it. (And feeling shamelessly chuffed!). But it’s where I want to be… close to the water. ❤️

Best of luck everyone for the final challenges🤞
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