Sprint and rain

Today was a typical Training Day in Calgary, rainy and cold. Is only seven degrees out there and pouring rain so I decided to take out the Outrigger Canoe for a little change in the routine. It started off with a nice slip and fall down the mud hill to the lake followed by a good warm-up where I got drenched, and ended up colder than when I started. I was doing a nice workout tonight , a pyramid from 10 minutes down to one and when I got to the 6-minute interval I decided to pull off a 1000 effort.

It was pretty windy so I went down close to the dam where I thought there might be some shelter from the wind and did most of the kilometre through a water ski slalom course to keep me going straight. Still not sure how to turn and keep my speed up while I’m in the canoe.  Most Canoe Races don’t have a lot of turns especially when it’s 1000 metres or less.

Started from a dead stop at the beginning of the slalom course and went for it after eating a few sour gummy worms. Normally it’s a Snickers bar, but sour worms were more appropriate in the rain . I was able to pull off a 5:20 for my first 1000 sprint. I don’t really want to do that one again, it hurt.


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