Another Endurance day!

14 kph, 0.3M waves.  Whew.  In the last 2 days I’ve paddled almost 2 weeks worth!  Yesterday I did the downwinder and some technical paddling (roughly 22 km).  Today I did a group workout with my teammates, some technical paddling, and a combination of technical and sprint paddling with my teammates (roughly 31 km total).  I was planning to do an entry for the Canada Cup today, but having experienced the spin cycle of ‘washer’ waves yesterday I knew today was not the day to do a flatwater race on the lake.  As such, I just did a bunch of technical paddling on the bay (flat, shallow, weedy, only 600-700m of usable space in one direction).

Afternoon Activity | Workout | Strava

Afternoon Activity | Workout | Strava

Morning Activity | Workout | Strava

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