First 10k ever!

10 kph winds changing from 180• to 219 • and 0M waves changing from 243• to 204•.  I tried to follow the head waves out directly and tail waves directly coming back.  Even though the waves were reported as 0M, they definitely impact your times.  I had never done a 10k before (except a 12k downwinder), so I was trying to conserve some energy going out into the headwind.  My splits were around 6:55/k! I thought, oh man, my run is done.  However when I turned around and started back I was regularly hitting between 4:55-5:20, so I thought wow, I might have a shot at a decent run!  Very exhilarating linking up series of waves.  Every time I saw my nose go down and I started feeling a surge coming under my seat I accelerated and kept my power on, knowing more waves were coming.  So much fun!  I know now that so can go out a little harder.  Lessons learned, great day.

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