Memory banks full

Only just remembered as I was heading out to paddle that the Canada Cup cutoff was this weekend and not the end of the month. Then I couldn’t remember if it was Sat or Sun as I couldn’t remember what day it was. Lots of memory problems today and to top it off, when I got back home to download the file the speedcoach was showing Memory Full.

I really wish the SpeedCoach could just be set to delete an old workout automatically if you need the memory but alas, it only saved about 4km before stopping. Luckily I was able to get a couple of shots of the display and hope that will be enough to satisfy the admins.

Breezy and choppy conditions today but at least the air quality has improved and the clearest it’s been all week. Out on the 14×23.5 404 Jump. Still experimenting with smaller paddle blade areas and coming to like a higher cadence even though I’m sacrificing a bit of power. Didn’t feel too worked by the end of the 10km so must be making something of a difference.

This was all done on the local lake I normally paddle on. We don’t have anything long enough close by that could just have one turn so 3 loops of Lake McIntosh was as neutral as I could get it.



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