PB 2k

Did a PB 2k with actually more than 1 turn!  Figured something out.  Being a dragon boat paddler I tend to have a long, deep, slightly slower but more powerful stroke rate.  That works great on a heavier boat like a dragon boat.  It even works pretty well on an OC2.  However I couldn’t wrap my head around why am I pretty fast on an OC1 but I’m not getting the ‘best’ results?  This time I said ok, I’ll try staying long on the catch as always.  However I won’t pull all the way back, and I won’t tighten up my upper body muscles and press so much with my top arm.  Instead I’ll loosen my shoulders while tightening my core, and accelerate my lower body movement.  Obviously at a much higher stroke rate I needed to mentally force myself to reduce squeezing my upper body muscles and remind myself to stay quick and smooth, while managing my energy so I didn’t crash and burn.  This adjustment finally seemed to pay off on the lighter OC1. Very stoked!



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