Endurance Champ

Was really hoping to have an actual 12hrs of paddling completed for the endurance champ race yet I just couldn’t make it happen.  The most I was able to accomplish was 9.69 miles (15.59km).  My paddles were broken up into three different paddles.  The first paddle consisted of a local race of which I can honestly say is the best race I’ve ever had.  I came in 1st with a time of 1hr24min and a total distance of 6.8 miles (10.94km).  Was able to come out ahead of an amazing racer who is pretty much undefeated in our area.  Following the race a few of us headed out on a small cool down social paddle consisting of 1.27 miles (2.04km).  Later that evening The Goat Boater, Lake Wylie Paddleboarding hosted a paddle league social paddle and movie screening of “Last Known Coordinates,” which was AWESOME by the way!  The final paddle of the day lent me another 1.62 miles (2.6km).  The group was able to get a bit more paddling in yet I was zonked and cut my paddle off.  This brings me to my total of 15.59km.  All in all it was a pretty amazing day.  Plenty of flat water and hot air lol.  Not an easy feat for a small business owner and mother of two.  Good times, tons of stoke!

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