August 2021 Recap

Monthly Prize Draw

Here’s the draw for August, picked from everyone who submitted results in the Canada Cup and Endurance Championship. Note that we pulled a few repeat winners, but we’re putting those names aside for now.

Skog a Kust Drysak: Marianne Tai
Rally Beer Co. beers: Michael Taber
Infinity SUP swag: Trevor Quinton

Note: An Infinity Flash Paddle by Black Project will be up for grabs for everyone that finishes all 2021 events.

Canada Cup Results

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Tim and Dan battled it out again in the 10 km Canada Cup, with Tim topping the leaderboard in 1:02:05. Sylvain St-Cyr found the podium with a very strong 1:05:02 time. This event hurt a bit being straight out and back for most paddlers.

Danielle Holdsworth continues to run away in the female season SUP ranking, taking the Canada Cup in a very strong 1:08:56. That’s a very fast sub-7:00 pace over 10 km. Kimberly Kenyon put B.C. on the podium, and Megan Cynowa took up the U.S. flag. Great showing by all girls in this one!

The OC1 race was tight at the top. Rob K brought it home in under an hour to lead the guys. Marianne Tai almost broke the 1 hr mark to finish atop the girls podium.

Endurance Championship Results

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This was a big one. When we set the endurance format for this season (12-hr all-you-can-paddle), we weren’t quite sure what the response would be. But the distance junkies went out with purpose. Sylvain St-Cyr knocked out 80 km to lead all SUP paddlers (which is probably about twice what we thought people would put down), surely one of the most noteworthy efforts of the season so far. Max Ackford and Ryan Blake each topped 70 km to round out the podium.

Danielle was at it again in this one, posting a 70 km total, while Tara Imerson and Megan Sheppard each broke 50 km. These are impressive efforts to say the least!

Catherine Smyth led the OC pack with nearly 100 km within 12 hrs! Marianne and Carole Fullerton took it past 50 km to round out the podium. It looks like the OC1 boys played it cool in this one (or maybe ran out of time?)

Keep an eye on the full 2021 national rankings here, with two events left to go.

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