September 2021 Recap

Monthly Prize Draw

What a great finish to the season! You guys went hard to the finish, that’s for certain. Here’s the draw for September, picked from everyone who submitted results in the 2000m, Paddle Battle and Downwind Cup.

Skog a Kust Drysak: Danielle Holdsworth
Rally Beer Co. beers: Lamond Lee
Infinity SUP swag: Chris Buott

Note: An Infinity Flash Paddle by Black Project will be up for grabs in the final 2021 recap/draw (coming soon).

2000m Results

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Dan Miller took the men’s SUP race a 12:13 time, almost cracking the 6:00/km barrier. Ryan Blake continued to move up the leaderboard as the season progressed, taking the silver medal position in the 2000m. Brad Petrus rounds out the podium.

Danielle Holdsworth, doing her business, claimed another top spot in the long sprint with a strong 12:55 time. Kudos to Julia Barnes for putting Alberta on the podium again for the women, and Megan Shepard with a strong effort to take third.

Strong paces all around in the OC1 race, with Rob Kavcic and Marianne Tai taking top honours for the guys and girls.

Paddle Battle Results

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The five-buoy course brought out some nifty designs in the Paddle Battle. While we hoped to meet up in person for a legit BoP-style race in the surf, we never quite got the conditions we wanted on the right day (until two days after the race window closed, of course!). Maybe next season we’ll widen the window so we can really have a memorable event in the surf. In the meantime, Dan Miller topped the podium, continuing a strong September showing. Ian Connor and Brad Petrus round out the podium.

Danielle was at it again in this one, with an impressive pace over 6 km including turns. Tara Imerson found the podium again, while Alanna Gergor gets a shout-out for a strong performance in this one.

OC1s on a buoy course is…interesting. Marianne Tai knocked out a beauty in 34:58, with Carole Fullerton just 12 secs behind. Rob Kavcic topped the guys.

Downwind Cup Results

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The season-long Downwind Cup was a fun one to watch as result trickled in over the past five months. Great effort by everyone that pushed their limits and took their paddling out into the open water. These point-to-point open-water paddles are not easy, so kudos to everyone that took it on, regardless of time.

Ash Adams took the men’s SUP race (point ranking), edging out Rob Kavcic with a smokin’ 5:30 pace over 15 km on Lake Huron. And there’s Dan Miller again stalking the podium.

We knew Jessica Rando was out there, and she showed up with purpose in the Downwind Cup with a 6:17 pace over 12km. Ariel Amaral found the second spot with a fast one on Lake Simcoe, and Wendy Tillett found the podium again.

The OC1s rip in the bumps, and there were some fast times here. Rob K took the pace to 4:47 over 12 km, and Marianne Tai led the girls. Shout-out to Stella Gan who found the podium with a strong pace in the bumps.

Full 2021 national rankings here. Final recap is coming soon.

This year we tried something a bit different with the ‘special event’, adding running shoes and a bike to the mix. Congrats to everyone that pushed through this one. Ryan Blake and Dan Dakin had a very close battle, and it would have been great to see this in person. Alanna Gregor topped the women’s group.

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