Fastest Five

Date: Jun 1 to Jul 31
Distance: 5 km

Course details: Anything goes! How fast can you move your craft? Log your fastest 5 km split, and you don’t have to finish where you start. Season points calculated from minutes behind category leader.

Final Results
Dan Miller SUPM35-490:20:2204:00100.0*****Bow river. Could go faster...NSP PumaGPSSOCIAL
Robyn BlSUPF20-340:20:2804:06100.0*****Bow River in Canmore at 175 cmsBadfish Selfie 14x30GPSSOCIAL
Cory RichardsonSUPM20-340:20:5204:1099.5*****Bow river different route from last yearCarolina 14’ x 23.5”GPSSOCIAL
Jana MiceliSUPF35-490:21:4304:2098.8*****Fast water on the Bow River!10'6 SUPLOVE InflatableGPSSOCIAL
Ryan BlakeSUPM35-490:23:5804:4896.4*****Flat with cross/tail wind on St Lawrence Infinity Whiplash14x23GPSSOCIAL
Jeff CowenSUPM35-490:24:3504:5595.8*****Heavy boat traffic, river “sloshing”Blackfish 14x24GPSSOCIAL
Rob KavcicOC1M35-490:24:3904:56100.0*****Sloppy downwind conditionsVolareGPSSOCIAL
Sylvain St-CyrSUPM50-640:24:5104:5795.5*****Nice condition on St-Lawrence seawayRiviera RP 14 x 25GPSSOCIAL
Ryan CuthbertSUPM35-490:25:4205:0894.7*****Big tail windAllstar 14x24.5GPSSOCIAL
AshSUPM35-490:26:3005:1893.9*****Time taken from fastest 5km from a downwind paddleStarboardGPSSOCIAL
Chris McCurrachSUPM50-640:27:3805:3292.7*****Sketchy under the bridge with boat trafficNaishGPSSOCIAL
Jake DavidsonSUPM35-490:28:0305:3792.3*****My first 5km taken on a downwinder Starboard AllstarGPSSOCIAL
Marie-Eve Ménard SUPF35-490:28:0805:3792.3*****Courant sans ventDosport drave 14x22GPSSOCIAL
Danielle HoldsworthSUPF35-490:28:1705:3992.2*****Detroit River - current, wind and freighter wakeNSP NinjaGPSSOCIAL
Trevor Quinton SUPM35-490:28:3705:4391.8*****One day I’ll find a shuttle to the top hahaONE EdgePro2 GPSSOCIAL
Billy WilliamsSUPM35-490:29:2706:2390.9*****Watch stopped gps at 4.61, paddled for 4 more minsNSP Carolina GPSSOCIAL
Bruno TurcotteSUPM50-640:30:3606:0789.8*****Last 5k of a 26km training with tail and side windSIC AtlantisGPSSOCIAL
Dmitri Tsvetkov SUPM35-490:30:5506:1189.5*****Lots of hustle, no flow on Nottawasaga Starboard Sprint GPSSOCIAL
Lamond Lee OC1M35-490:31:0806:1493.5*****Flat, little wind.AresGPSSOCIAL
Wendy Tillett SUPF50-640:32:1606:2788.2*****Wave action! Lake of two mountainsInfinity Blackfish GPSSOCIAL
Michael TaberSUPM50-640:33:0106:3487.4*****Headwind last 2.5 km404 JumpGPSSOCIAL
Megan SheppardSUPF35-490:34:2206:5286.1*****7 km north wind beauty morning ONE Edge Pro 2.0GPSSOCIAL
Austin Vennetti SUPM20-340:35:0207:0085.3*****Inland lake, no current,side chop, small tail windStarboard AllstarGPSSOCIAL
Ariel AmaralSUPF35-490:35:1207:0285.3*****Beauty night with a light breezeBlu Wave 14’GPSSOCIAL
Rob CynowaSUPM35-490:35:5307:1184.5*****1mph current, river, slight upwind, dodging rocks.Starboard I-Go 10x31GPSSOCIAL
Greg AinslieSUPM35-490:36:2507:1784.0*****Run in the river shaved a few seconds off...12'6" Starboard Go GPSSOCIAL
Alanna GregorSUPF35-490:38:5607:4681.5*****Light south winds 14’ BlackfishGPSSOCIAL
Tara ImersonSUPF50-640:40:3608:0779.9*****no hoped for tailwind! small side rollers;Lake OStarboardSprint 14x21GPSSOCIAL
Megan CynowaSUPF35-490:40:3708:0779.9*****Flat water lake. No wind & No current.StarboardSprint14x21GPSSOCIAL
Mike NoonSUPM35-490:47:5509:3563.4***Starboard GenerationGPSSOCIAL
Sean HaddowSUPM50-640:49:2509:5471.0*****No time for a faster paddle. Lots of side-chop.Infinity Blackfish14x27GPSSOCIAL
Ian HuProneM35-490:51:4610:17100.0*****Flat, glassy mostlyBark 14GPSSOCIAL
Christy GrackSUPF50-640:52:3310:3167.9*****Great flat waterHALA StraightUp InflGPSSOCIAL
Suzanne Errico SimpsonSUPF50-640:52:5110:2763.4****Lake Wylie - decent chop on the main channel.Starboard Allstar 12'6"GPSSOCIAL
Sharon PurdyProneF65+1:02:1712:27100.0*****Perfect conditions. Love my little Ghost!BARK Carbon GhostGPSSOCIAL

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Dernière course de la saison! 🤟🏻
Vent avec rafales à 34kmh 😳
Courant inhabituel pour cette endroit 🤷🏻‍♀️

Merci à mon coach et amoureux Jean Laroche d’avoir été à mes côtés durant la saison 🥰

Merci à mon sponsor Les vêtements Shack de m’avoir supporté pour une autre belle année! 🤩

À l’année prochaine!!! ☺️
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La vraie dernière course est à l’île d’Orléans le 15 😉😉 Championnat de Downwind à Québec - 2ème édition 😇😇

C’est vraiment cool de voir combien tu t’es améliorée cette année et la confiance que tu as prises avec Jean a tes côtés !!

Bruno Turcotte ah c’est vraiment gentil! Merci de m’avoir intégrer au TEAM QC a Burlington et ensuite dans toute les courses de la saison!!! Jean fait dire qu’il a vendu son « gros » board pour magasiner un SIC comme le tien 😉

Paddle Battle! Finished my last race of the season with fellow Alberta paddler Jana Nielsen-Miceli. Thanks for a great season 🙌 ... See MoreSee Less

Paddle Battle! Finished my last race of the season with fellow Alberta paddler Jana Nielsen-Miceli. Thanks for a great season 🙌Image attachment

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Looks like a great ending !!

End of season is approaching... note that we'll keep posting open through next weekend, to October 3rd, to give everyone a chance to finish up. Great effort! ... See MoreSee Less

Dernière course virtuelle de la saison,bon défi pour garder la motivation
final virtual race of the season.Good way to keep motivation during the season.
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Dernière course virtuelle de la saison,bon défi pour garder la motivation 
final virtual race of the season.Good way to keep motivation during the season.

Downwind 12 km Prone

Finding the time and the right time for this one was a dual challenge for September. Sure enough the morning I was to go the winds changed. I changed course. (It often doesn’t matter - wind, wave apps, environment Canada or how obsessively I check.) Winds didn’t make for a fast run but were steady and stayed the course. Water - total cooperation with only a few intermittent swells that made it fun. Smooth right at the end. A beautiful run in open water (my favourite) on Lake O in a rare even tempered mood.

All 10 Challenges Done
But not always so easy on a Prone. End of DW 12 km I switched boards with my SUP buddy and after paddling 1.5 km on my prone he said, “you can’t stay in this position for very long. Prone is hard.” (And he’s a fit Iron Man😂) Yup it can be. Glad he said it. (And feeling shamelessly chuffed!). But it’s where I want to be… close to the water. ❤️

Best of luck everyone for the final challenges🤞
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