June 2022 Recap

Great effort in June! That was a tough month, with both sprint and endurance races. The 2 hr distance challenge has gotta be the nastiest of the year! Congrats to everyone, and let’s keep it going with some more (fun?) variety in July.

Monthly Prize Draw

Here’s the draw for June, picked from everyone who submitted results in the 1000m Sprint, Fastest Five, Downwind Cup and Endurance Challenge:

Rally Beer Co. beers: Ian Hu
Infinity SUP swag: Michael Taber

Note: We’ll have an extra swag pack for those that complete every 2022 event.

Distance Challenge Results

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Dmitri Tsvetkov knocked out 17.73 km over 2 hrs to claim what we believe is his first Canadian Paddle League title (applause) in what is arguably the toughest event. Sylvain St-Cyr has proven to be an endurance monster and was right on his tail, while Ryan Cuthbert claimed third spot.

Danielle took another one here, with Wendy Tillett and Megan Sheppard rounding out the podium. Tremendous efforts.

Rob Kavcic almost cracked to 20 km mark in his OC1, and Ian Hu and Sharon Purdy continue to grind it out prone. Anyone that has spent 2+ hours paddling prone knows this is no joke!

From the water

We love seeing the photos of your virtual racing… keep them coming! Half the fun of this league is sharing and seeing where everyone paddles. There are some really beautiful spots out there!

Paddler Discussion