Double Decker Friday

After multiple failed attempts to complete both the 1000M and the Fastest 5 I was finally able to squeeze in time this morning to run both races back to back 🤪🏄‍♀️.  Made 3 attempts at the 1000M and still couldn’t catch up with Wendy 💪🤷🏼‍♀️🔥.  I’ll keep trying.  Paddled our inland, flat water lake with no current.  Pretty much zero wind today and a little boat chop.  Took a gamble and cheated on my Blackfish by heading out on the Starboard Sprint 14’x21” instead.  Not sure my time reflects the change up.  Nonetheless, of the 3 runs, my second lent me the best race with a total sprint time of 7 minutes 38 seconds.  Ran slightly over 1000M.

003BBE17-6A7C-49BC-8F5D-844AF86FE093-3.jpeg 8AAF5807-9CC5-465F-B708-8062181E7124-0.jpeg 2AB2121F-8C4D-48EA-924B-8EFA1E8C138B-1.jpeg 1B33E609-F676-403A-953A-922CF188B554-2.jpeg


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