Cutty’s Endurance Champ

Smashed out 4x15k over July 24/25/26th

Sunday July 24th- calmness with some wind in all directions going around the bends

Monday July 25th – huge wind (side/head/tail) making for a pretty rough paddle

Tuesday July 26th

Paddle #1 – not too busy on the water but a solid head wind with a solid tail wind after the turn

Paddle #2 – busy afternoon on the water with lots of wind but tried to duck in along the side and bends to avoid the big head wind.


Total – 6hrs 56 mins 18 secs

Total- 60k

7C349A8E-2DD5-4C47-8BBA-0BD096D306AD-0.png 7A1795E2-FC9F-460C-90DD-D796AE1F3A3B-1.png FAF68A16-1A69-4EC8-9D50-DFD39107B0B6-2.png C38B3820-3355-4C92-97F6-0E504991B1EF-3.png


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