Canada Cup Crusher 🏄‍♀️

10K Canada Cup complete this morning!  Paddled Lake Wylie, SC (USA) with fellow Goat Boater Suzanne.  Decided we’d attempt to crush it this morning since the water was super glassy 🤘.  Pushed it pretty hard then made the open channel turn and ran into a decent head wind.  Slowed us down a bit.  Picked up speed on the flip side.  Decided to ride the 2021 Starboard Sprint 14’x21.5”.  Perfect choice for our flat water lake with no current.  Finished up with a decent average pace.  Garmin data –

6BF939E4-D1A3-4C60-9D5C-CD04CFB5CC97-0.jpeg 0F21020B-9F92-4A83-80AB-F7456DEB702B-1.jpeg 9E4E4D1F-8AA3-496C-B9A7-8864C348B207-2.jpeg 2CE53883-6F92-449A-A865-87A64573C966-3.jpeg


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