Endurance 60km

Endurance champ race 2022

This staged race is a fun concept I chose to do 2 30 km paddles over the weekend.
Saturday morning heading out in fog to do the Fairy and Pen lake portions of Huntsville 110 course.  Early was nice and flat but soon the boats get out and muck that up.



Sunday I headed out for the lake Vernon section back into town my time should be oh 8mins better but my board repair guy was trolling and I had to see if I owed him any money yet haha. Phew I don’t so I cared on definitely visible in my link lol.
Finished off the last 15 km thru Huntsville and the Vernon narrows.   One more chance to better the times coming and choosing a quiet piece of water will be ideal to keep stage times around 1h45



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