Endurance Champs

Spent the past couple of days hammering out the @cdnpdlleague Endurance Championship event. I started on Friday, thinking I’d have both Saturday and Sunday, but with calls for thunderstorms all day Sunday, my race window was closed to 2 consecutive calendar days…that’s ok though, just the first indication that this event would have me making lemonade out of lemons the entire way!!!!

Run #1 – August 19
Tried a downwind run on Lake Huron from Port Franks to Grandbend. Unfortunately, conditions didn’t really line up, but paddling Lake Huron is always a joy 🙃


Run #2 – August 19
Since Lake Huron was a bit of a washing machine, I gave Pittock Lake a go. The first 6km was great, but then got hit with an enormous headwind…the back half of this run was a slow slog! 🙄 On the bright side…I was half way done!


Run #3 – August 20
Had to stay close to home, so this piece was done on Sharon Creek…it’s a 3km loop at most, so, I was literally going in circles. Despite the boredom of repeating scenery, conditions made for a comfortable 15km paddle !😜


Run #4 – August 20
Back to Sharon Creek for the final piece. To stop myself from going crazy, paddling the same 3km loop 10 times in one day, I turned the last 15km piece into some interval training. Did it slow me down? Absolutely! Was it worth it? 100% 😂


Total – 07:42:54
Total – 60km

IMG_0918-1.JPG IMG_0912-0.JPG


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