Paddle Battle Race

1st paddle after the 110! Huge congrats to Ryan Blake for signing up last minute and racing a great race and finishing strong! Great to see a CPL paddler pushing those limits at River X.  That monster 72 km paddle on Simcoe last year did well for this race  !!

I have a 300 meter ski course in front of my launch and another nav buoy another 300 m away for a V course 5km on the V course with more then enough turns finished off with an 1km sprint to finish the race.  Had some waves along the way crossing the boat wake that was cutting thru MY course haha!!

I was hoping for wind the weekend cannot see any for a downwind run and time is running out might be first race I can’t complete ruining the 3 year steak dammit.  I ll be looking for wind all week long haha.

Great year to every paddler taking part can’t wait to see what next year brings everyone in this great community…

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