Exhausted, yet Elated– Challenge Complete

Bittersweet feels starting the last event for the 2022 season of Canadian Paddle League. Grateful for this annual challenge to push me and get me out on the water early each weekend but exhausted and bored of paddling on the local water.

This paddle was last Sunday but I needed time to collect my thoughts before posting.

It was a fantastic day – crisp air, sun had just risen and flat water. I was the only one out on the water for most of the 12k.  Absolutely no wind and a body of water too small for a point to point. It was a reflective paddle – I pushed myself for some intervals and also jut paddled rhythmically to soak it all in. Time was not a consideration for me – it was more about completing the goal – get in all the events and finish with a sense of accomplishment and smile. And, that I did!

Successful completion and looking forward to better planning the events for 2023 that will bring me to race on different bodies of water throughout Colorado for the Canadian Paddle League Endurance Challenge AND recruit some more people to do it with me!!!

Thank you all for another great season – it was fun reading everyone’s race reports and seeing their social posts. I admire you all!

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