Cdn Pdl League Information

The Canadian Paddle League is a virtual race series that fosters competition and community. Paddle wherever you want, whenever you can, and progressively build fitness through the season.

How it works

  • Step 1: Sign up.
  • Step 2: Complete the appropriate challenges at a time and location that works for you, during each race window.
  • Step 3: Post your results, a GPS link (if possible) and social photo/race report.
  • Step 4: Follow the live leaderboard.
    Step 5: Grab some swag and prizes.
  • Step 6: Follow your progress in the season ranking.

Share the stoke!

Registered paddlers can post race reports to the Canadian Paddle League news feed. Share your stories, biggest accomplishments, phots and video. Join the Facebook group to discuss further. And, the live leaderboards link directly to each paddler’s post for quick viewing.

What are the races/challenges?

There are 10 season series events that differ in style, plus a few special events. The schedule has been designed to progressively built distance over the course of the season, while offering a mix of endurance, mid-distance and sprint challenges at all times.

Series standings

Individual event results will earn points toward the overall season series ranking in each category. Points are allocated based on your result relative to the leader in your craft/gender category. Points are scaled based on the ‘credibility rank’ of your entry.

Q: What is the credibility rank?
A: You’ll get 1 star for posting results; 2 more for a GPS link; 1 more for a social media/race report link; and 1 more for describing your paddle. A five-star credibility rating will earn you full points; a 1-star rating will earn you 75% points.

Example 1: The leader of each gender/craft division, with a 5 star credibility rating, will earn 100 points.

Example 2: Someone who paddles at 90% of the leaders pace, with a 5 star credibility rating, will earn 90 points.

Example 3: If the leader has a 1 star credibility rating, they will earn 75 points.


We’ll hold a monthly prize draw thanks to our awesome sponsors! Some bigger prizes will be reserved for those who complete all season events.


Q: Who can enter?
A: Anyone that paddles! Categories are set up for SUP, prone, kayak/surfski, outrigger. Challenge yourself to complete all the of the events; or challenge the leaderboard and season ranking.

Q: Is it for Canadians only?
A: No! Bonus: There are no travel costs.

Q: How are results compared?
A: Each race is somewhat unique – check out the individual race pages for more details. Results are compared by average pace, time, or total distance.

Q: When are results posted?
A: Each event leaderboard will be updated in real time on our website during the race window. The season series leaderboard will also be updated in real time.

Q: What if I can’t provide a GPS link? Will I be disqualified?
A: Submit your time anyway. Honesty goes a long way! But, yeah, a GPS track adds mucho credibility. To be declared a category winner or to claim a prize, you’ll need a GPS link. There will also be a deduction to your season series points if you’re missing a GPS link.

Q: Can I re-submit better results?
A: Yes! Enter your results again, and we’ll keep your better time for the final ranking. Chase your rivals!

Q: What are the prizes?
A: Vaikobi gear and gift cards from Infinite Blue; paddling gear from Infinity SUP Canada; waterproof gear from Skog A Kust; 425 Pro gear; discounts from Hammer Nutrition; more incoming…

Q: Can I get a t-shirt?
A: Anyone that enters the full series before May 30th can add an optional race kit that will include a t-shirt and vinyl board/boat sticker (until sold out). We’ll mail those out in June.

Q: Are you accepting sponsors?
A: Yeah, the more swag the better 🙂

Q: Can I host a race/time trial for my club/group?
A: Yes! Contact us to set up your own club page.