Distance killer

Distance and wind challenge.

It’s so warm this weekend I decided to add 15 minutes on to my normal Sunday workout and do a 2-hour distance challenge. Everything seemed to be going so well until I got to the lake and the wind gust started. It felt like every single time I went West I had a headwind and every time I went East the wind stopped.

It was challenging and the longest effort of the year since October. It was good to see so many sup paddlers out today, must have been over 50 on the small lake where I train.

Well my goals for this challenge can now be made as I have a base line to go off. I know I didn’t have a downloaded gps file for this, I used the makai gps odometer which is great to look at but has no downloadable memory… So I have a photo, but I will be doing this one again anyways

Awesome to be out on the water with so many Canada wide athletes, I miss real races but this is challenging me to keep training.


20210515_183832-1.jpg 20210516_155411-0.jpg


500m attempt

This is pretty cool how we can do these virtual races although it took me about three weeks to figure out how to log a 500m Sprint. At first I was trying to crop my GPS data after doing a whole bunch of 500m Sprints but I never could get it right. I ended up sitting my watch with a pre-set workout so that my second or third interval was the 500 M. It gives you a little countdown and then I went as hard as I could, did a little turn and came back. It was just my first attempt and I know I can go harder because I took a few Strokes off in the middle to adjust my watch.

I love stand-up paddling! Can’t wait to do another one. We have a new paddling Club in Alberta called North swell paddling club and there are 20 of us right now, I’m going to try to get everybody out to do this! This lake is one of the only bodies of water up in this area that has thawed out, and although it still has a bunch of ice on it, the ice is just another chance to work on your footwork, and navigate through the obstacles! Check out my social media link to see how beautiful it is here and shoot me a message if you ever want to cuddle with me!