Hot Summer Nights

Vancouver is a hot spot for water sports.  SUP, sailing, foiling, windsurfing, kayaking, surf-skiing, rowing, outrigger canoeing, dragon boating, prone-ing… it all happens here and in droves.  English Bay is full of people out enjoying the water, and whether they be racing or puttering about there is an incredible spirit of community and joy to be outside in the wind and sun. How fortunate are we? Check out the Jericho Beach webcam to see live action… but keep your jealousy at bay!





Whale Watching

This year there was a humpback whale in English Bay for more than 3 weeks.  I paddled with her almost daily. It was stunning… awe-inspiring… and immensely humbling.

Here is a still image from the video of our closest and sweetest sunset encounter.  Before diving down, she surfaced so close to my ama I could smell her fish breath!

Pretty great.