Robyn’s Endurance Champ

Segment 1 – July 22 at Two Jack Lake – relatively calm conditions to start things off

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Segment 2 – July 23 at Spray Lake – stronger headwind than expected at 7 am, funny it never feels as strong coming back 😂

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Segment 3 – July 24 at Lake Minnewanka – nice little tailwind heading out and was pretty manageable heading back by ducking into bays. Finished on glass .

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Segment 4 – July 24 at Lake Minnewanka – 20-25 km/h wind gusts then forecast to drop and switch direction. If I timed it right it could have made for a double downwind! I did not time it right 😂 ended up waiting on shore for things to calm down, they did a bit however didn’t truly drop until the last 2 km or so.

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