500m sprint redemption!

My first try on the 500m was really slow.  I was worried that despite working really hard I had somehow gotten way out of shape.  I was using a shorter dragon boat paddle preparing for our club OC tests.  Just did a 2:53 with my OC paddle which is more in line with where I should be.  Whew!  Thank goodness it was the paddle!



Spring Loop Redemption!

On my first run of the season for the spring loop I was practicing for my dragon boat club OC time trials.  As such, I was using a shorter dragon boat paddle.  My time on the 4K was alarmingly slow!  I was getting worried that I might be way out of shape, and that would be particularly worrisome at this time of year because I am preparing to represent our dragon boat club at the IDBF Club Crew Championships in July.  I’ve been working really hard, so I was scratching my head why I was so slow.  Just did the spring loop again on the same exact course and this time I averaged 6:07 which is more in line with where I should be.  Whew! 😊

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PB 2k

Did a PB 2k with actually more than 1 turn!  Figured something out.  Being a dragon boat paddler I tend to have a long, deep, slightly slower but more powerful stroke rate.  That works great on a heavier boat like a dragon boat.  It even works pretty well on an OC2.  However I couldn’t wrap my head around why am I pretty fast on an OC1 but I’m not getting the ‘best’ results?  This time I said ok, I’ll try staying long on the catch as always.  However I won’t pull all the way back, and I won’t tighten up my upper body muscles and press so much with my top arm.  Instead I’ll loosen my shoulders while tightening my core, and accelerate my lower body movement.  Obviously at a much higher stroke rate I needed to mentally force myself to reduce squeezing my upper body muscles and remind myself to stay quick and smooth, while managing my energy so I didn’t crash and burn.  This adjustment finally seemed to pay off on the lighter OC1. Very stoked!



1st paddle battle

My first try at the Paddle Battle.  Wasn’t really feeling a sprint so I started slow.  Managed to do negative splits every km.  That might be my preferred strategy for future races.  Not the fastest time but half decent.  14 kph head/tail wind, 0.1m waves.




It was choppy on the lake so I chose to do my run on Frenchman’s Bay.  13 kph headwind/tailwind, 0m waves.  I had to avoid a kiteboarder who had steering difficulty and some other weed patches.  Also the distance across the bay is not a full 1k so I needed to do 2 turns and I didn’t exactly finish where I started.  However I figure since I had to do an extra turn (more work), it should meet the fairness requirements for the race.



First 10k ever!

10 kph winds changing from 180• to 219 • and 0M waves changing from 243• to 204•.  I tried to follow the head waves out directly and tail waves directly coming back.  Even though the waves were reported as 0M, they definitely impact your times.  I had never done a 10k before (except a 12k downwinder), so I was trying to conserve some energy going out into the headwind.  My splits were around 6:55/k! I thought, oh man, my run is done.  However when I turned around and started back I was regularly hitting between 4:55-5:20, so I thought wow, I might have a shot at a decent run!  Very exhilarating linking up series of waves.  Every time I saw my nose go down and I started feeling a surge coming under my seat I accelerated and kept my power on, knowing more waves were coming.  So much fun!  I know now that so can go out a little harder.  Lessons learned, great day.

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Another Endurance day!

14 kph, 0.3M waves.  Whew.  In the last 2 days I’ve paddled almost 2 weeks worth!  Yesterday I did the downwinder and some technical paddling (roughly 22 km).  Today I did a group workout with my teammates, some technical paddling, and a combination of technical and sprint paddling with my teammates (roughly 31 km total).  I was planning to do an entry for the Canada Cup today, but having experienced the spin cycle of ‘washer’ waves yesterday I knew today was not the day to do a flatwater race on the lake.  As such, I just did a bunch of technical paddling on the bay (flat, shallow, weedy, only 600-700m of usable space in one direction).

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Afternoon Activity | Workout | Strava

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