I had a small window to get this done as I am usually attached to little ones or at work.  I decided to try a new route from Burks Falls to Magnetawan and through the locks to Ahmic Harbour and maybe up the Mag to see where I could end up. The first part of the paddle was super foggy with heavy air but amazing and quiet.  20 km of a handful of places along the River and few dozen blue herons, angry beavers and a moose.
I got to Magnetawan and wasn’t hopping on the big lake with all the boat traffic. The heat was starting to get to me. So I changed my plans and decided to head back to my car (the way I came). I called my pick up crew for an early retrieval as I couldn’t do it anymore. It was a great experience and I really started to figure out my endurance but that heat… so 51km in 8 hours 20 min and 22 seconds.
Next year we should keep this event open into the fall.

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