Running out of light

Needing both 10km and 1000m and time running out, I got home from work and went straight out.   Temps still in the 20’s and some west winds,  Set out on my 10 km loop to the east side of Huntsville and back going around Hunters bay to finish up.  Still lots of boats out so I turned on the lights to be seen as I finished the night with the last sprint race of the season. With more practice on the turns I’ll eventually get the hang of sprint haha.  The Endurance race being more my preference.

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Paddle Battle Race

1st paddle after the 110! Huge congrats to Ryan Blake for signing up last minute and racing a great race and finishing strong! Great to see a CPL paddler pushing those limits at River X.  That monster 72 km paddle on Simcoe last year did well for this race  !!

I have a 300 meter ski course in front of my launch and another nav buoy another 300 m away for a V course 5km on the V course with more then enough turns finished off with an 1km sprint to finish the race.  Had some waves along the way crossing the boat wake that was cutting thru MY course haha!!

I was hoping for wind the weekend cannot see any for a downwind run and time is running out might be first race I can’t complete ruining the 3 year steak dammit.  I ll be looking for wind all week long haha.

Great year to every paddler taking part can’t wait to see what next year brings everyone in this great community…

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Endurance 60km

Endurance champ race 2022

This staged race is a fun concept I chose to do 2 30 km paddles over the weekend.
Saturday morning heading out in fog to do the Fairy and Pen lake portions of Huntsville 110 course.  Early was nice and flat but soon the boats get out and muck that up.

Sunday I headed out for the lake Vernon section back into town my time should be oh 8mins better but my board repair guy was trolling and I had to see if I owed him any money yet haha. Phew I don’t so I cared on definitely visible in my link lol.
Finished off the last 15 km thru Huntsville and the Vernon narrows.   One more chance to better the times coming and choosing a quiet piece of water will be ideal to keep stage times around 1h45

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Barefoot finally !!

After a week of temps in the 30s the water is perfect right now no suit or neoprene needed. Without the boil in a bag feeling I was able to shave another minute off my 4km time.  Its great to finally feel this new board without any booties and get to work on foot work and balance needed for this 21.5” board.  Still time to improve and get this time down some more.  🤙 Happy Paddling

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2 part Endurance Race

I set out last weekend intent on paddling the full 12 hrs.  9 hrs later my legs had finally had enough of the Canada day long weekend boat traffic and I called it a day.  With a 5 hr paddle up and back down the Big East river that included a fastest 5km personal best today I now have a 2 part submission.   I literally have Muskoka River X’s new race in my back yard The Huntsville 110.

The whole course is neutral any downriver paddling has a return up or a trip up for fun downriver. And 4 lakes that could be choppy from any direction from wind and more so boaters.  Part 1 down to Port Sydney was early July 3  and fairly calm. Once I hit Mary lake winds picked up and I headed into the wind.  Took a break in Port Sydney and chatted with a kayaker doing the 510km virtual challenge lost about 30 mins here but gained some rest and  now had a slight tail wind taking me right back to the mouth of the Muskoka River to head back up.   Made the one portage that you do both ways and headed across Fairy Lake towards Pen Lake.  By now boat wake had both lakes a choppy mess of boat and confused waves crashing around every direction.  I made it home to my launch just after 9 hrs on the water.

Part 2 July 10 with significant rainfall last 2 weeks I headed across Lake Vernon to the Big East river.   There’s usually a beach at the mouth of the river that was gone today under water and I knew then I had a chance to Run the Fastest 5 km on the way down.  The water levels were Mint👌Usually a mine field of logs and trees to clip on but water was high and hazards few.  I had 3 real OH CRAP moments I just avoided 3 branches that were just under the surface and could of sent my flying off the board going 10-11.5 avg down river.  It was a busy day on the river with many paddlers and floaters taking advantage of the current.   One campground had everyone on the beach so I had some cheering going up and even more on the return down as I went for a sub 30min 5km section.  Continued down river back to lake Vernon to a washing machine of waves for the return home.   Heading into the Vernon narrows I could hear a boat approaching closely behind me slowing down so I look over and it was the OPP haha they wave and I wave back then they proceed to floor it and take off leaving me shrugging why lol they just swamped me with the biggest wave I’ve had to deal with all day it’s about 5 ft high and coming side on now some 30 ft away maybe!  I live in Muskoka im used to it now just not from the police 👮‍♀️ lol.

This 12 hr race is perfect training to get ready for HV 110 and the KPQ 50km anyone sitting on the edge about doing marathon distance races this 12 hr is a great training tool and test to challenge yourself physically and mentally.

Good luck to all racers and have fun challenging yourself to new levels 🤙💪💪👊

Note: Cdn Pdl League kept part one for the official results (within a single 12-hr window).

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5km attempt

Paddled into 20 km headwinds gusting to 40km.  Looking for the speed boost back for an improved 5 km time. Had 1.5km of fun before started to die off and had to earn my fun the rest of the way.  Hopefully this week of rain in the forecast brings faster water or I’ll be looking to chase boats for 5 km 🏄🛶🤙

Stoked the endurance race starts next weekend 🤙 stocked up with Hammer to Fuel me for 12 hrs 💪💪

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Finally warm weather came

Apr 10th first time out was 22c thought I’d be in the drysuit 2 weeks tops 🤣 haha since then temps 0 or less every night.  The heat has now arrived and drysuit ditched over the weekend got a calm night to improve my times.  I’m happy now with goals I set so on to getting ready for the distance endurance races.  Stoked to see this leaderboard expanding and changing daily lots of paddling motivation right there🤙

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