2021 Goat-Boater Race Series

The Goat Boater, located in Tega Cay, South Carolina is putting together an extremely unique 9 event summer race series.  This series will consist of sprints, mid range and longer distance paddles for beginners to advanced standup paddlers.  Each race of the series will be different, unique and ALWAYS a social paddle afterwards!

Season Ranking

Paddler_NamePointsGenderRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9
Grace Metzgar200.0F100.0100.0
Jeffrey Matthews200.0M100.0100.0
Cohen Atkins189.9M91.598.4
Rob Cynowa185.4M91.693.8
Michael Castelvecchi181.0M95.085.9
Suzanne E Simpson179.6F89.590.1
Andrea Robb176.4F84.292.1
Gordon Pennebaker172.4M91.181.3
JP Ippolito168.8M86.382.4
Greg Ainslie163.8M80.283.6
Kim Lovsin162.7F79.982.8
Austin Vennetti162.2M76.385.9
Angie Mayo130.4F54.575.9
Asher Calicott112.8M56.956.0
Stephanie Simpson110.2F52.557.7
Heidi Kemler-Stapula94.1F94.1
Nathan Champion92.4M92.4
Joel Simpson88.5M44.344.2
Aleksey Synkov87.3M87.3
Tony Peters81.9M81.9
Georgeann Vennetti81.2F81.2
Mark Matthews79.6M79.6
David Martin73.7M73.7
Anton Synkov71.6M71.6
jim ziemer69.6M69.6
Melissa Benik67.8F67.8
Susan Donkers66.1F66.1
Adam Craig63.8M63.8
Jennifer Jones63.0F63.0
Valerie Lawrence54.5F54.5
Calla Wilcox54.5F54.5
Jessica Ambrose54.5F54.5
Catherine White54.5F54.5
Makenzy Markners50.3F50.3

Note: Season points are based on your time relative to the leader in your gender class.

Race #1

May 2nd – 4K – Windjammer

Jeffrey MatthewsM0:27:094.0100.0
Michael CastelvecchiM0:28:344.095.0
Rob CynowaM0:29:394.091.6
Cohen AtkinsM0:29:404.091.5
Gordon PennebakerM0:29:494.091.1
Aleksey SynkovM0:31:074.087.3
JP IppolitoM0:31:274.086.3
Grace MetzgarF0:32:104.0100.0
Tony PetersM0:33:094.081.9
Greg AinslieM0:33:504.080.2
Mark MatthewsM0:34:074.079.6
Heidi Kemler-StapulaF0:34:124.094.1
Austin VennettiM0:35:354.076.3
Suzanne E SimpsonF0:35:564.089.5
David MartinM0:36:504.073.7
Anton SynkovM0:37:544.071.6
Andrea RobbF0:38:114.084.2
jim ziemerM0:38:594.069.6
Kim LovsinF0:40:174.079.9
Adam CraigM0:42:344.063.8
Asher CalicottM0:47:444.056.9
Jennifer JonesF0:51:034.063.0
Valerie LawrenceF0:59:004.054.5
Calla WilcoxF0:59:004.054.5
Jessica AmbroseF0:59:014.054.5
Catherine WhiteF0:59:024.054.5
Angie MayoF0:59:034.054.5
Joel SimpsonM1:01:154.044.3
Stephanie SimpsonF1:01:194.052.5
Makenzy MarknersF1:03:554.050.3
Race #2

May 16th- 200M Sprint straight (Best of 2) – Beach and Swim 

Jeffrey MatthewsM0:01:010.2100.0
Cohen AtkinsM0:01:020.298.4
Dr Rob CynowaM0:01:050.293.8
Nathan ChampionM0:01:060.292.4
Austin VennettiM0:01:110.285.9
Michael CastelvecchiM0:01:110.285.9
Greg AinslieM0:01:130.283.6
JP IppolitoM0:01:140.282.4
Gordon PennebakerM0:01:150.281.3
Grace MetzgarF0:01:220.2100.0
Andrea RobbF0:01:290.292.1
Suzanne E SimpsonF0:01:310.290.1
Kim LovsinF0:01:390.282.8
Georgeann VennettiF0:01:410.281.2
Angie MayoF0:01:480.275.9
Asher CalicottM0:01:490.256.0
Melissa BenikF0:02:010.267.8
Susan DonkersF0:02:040.266.1
Joel SimpsonM0:02:180.244.2
Stephanie SimpsonF0:02:220.257.7
Race #3

June 6th – 5K – Windjammer

Race #4

June 20th – 1000 M sprint (down and back) Beach and Swim

Race #5

July 18th – 6K – Windjammer

Race #6

Aug 1st – 2000M super sprint Beach and Swim

Race #7

Aug 15th – 10K – Windjammer

Race #8

Sept 5th – 12K- Down and back –  B&S to Windjammer and back.

Race #9

Sept 19th – 6K- Paddle Battle 3 laps Windjammer