Downwind Cup 2020

Race window: June 1, 2020 to August 30, 2020
Distance: 10 km-to-25 km

Course: Point-to-point. Finish in a different location.

* In spirit, this is an open-water downwind contest. We won’t reject river entries, but it’s not the same and much, much, easier. Your peers will judge you 🙂 You’ll be docked credibility points if your run is just to game the current.

Rule: Start and finish near shore.

Rule: Total distance within posted range, or longer.

Results are ranked based on pace (min/km) to allow varying distances. A ‘speed boost‘ will also be applied at a rate of about 1% per km paddled beyond 10 km, so there is a bonus for paddling further.

Note: The race window is wide (three months) to allow you to find epic conditions. You can post multiple times during the window and we’ll keep your fastest (distance adjusted) run in the final ranking.

Prize draws: $25 Vaikobi gift card with Infinite Blue; S.Å.K. gear; Infinity SUP swag; 425 Pro gear; Hammer Nutrition 20% discount for all paddlers.

‘Downwinder of the year’ vote.

Live Leaderboard

* Score is the average pace with a ‘speed boost’ applied for longer distances. See examples here.

Note: Live results will update within a few minutes of submission. Final results subject to review.

Series points are based on time relative to the category leader, adjusted for credibility rank (* = half points, ***** = full points).

Credibility rank? You get 1 star for posting results; 2 more for a GPS link, 1 more for a social media link; 1 more for comments.

Share photos and video here. We’ll compile a video after each event!