In registering for a virtual race with CanadianPaddleLeague.ca (Canadian Paddle League), it is important that you are aware of (by carefully reading) and acknowledging the agreement and waiver disclosures as stated below which can affects your legal rights in regard to your participation in our races.

It is important that you are aware that any physical activity which you participate in (such as paddling) can potentially be very challenging and thus lead to injury, illness, and discomfort and in some cases even death. Hence, it is vital that you consult with your primary physician before embarking on any vigorous activities. Canadian Paddle League volunteers are not health care providers and therefore we cannot advise you on your ability to participate in any of our races.

I, as a participant in the Canadian Paddle League races agree to accept all risks associated with skiing, in any Canadian Paddle League featured races and agree to hold Canadian Paddle League and its volunteers harmless of any liability in the event of any injury, which may or may not lead to death to self or any participant under the age of 18, to who I registered for and bear total responsibility. I am aware of the risks involved in participating in any of the running higher virtual races, which gives me or those that I sponsor, the ability to participate whenever, wherever, and however I choose. I state that I am of good physical health and conditioning and poise no danger to any other participants, due to any failing pre-existing medical conditions.

I will not hold Canadian Paddle League or its volunteers responsible or liable for my choice of race venue (whether for example it be in risky or difficult terrain) which may result in injury or death to self or damage to my personal property or someone else’s property. In the event of injury, I agree to be responsible for any medical (example – hospitalization or ambulance services) or legal fees incurred in participating in a Canadian Paddle League race event. Canadian Paddle League reserves the right to cancel any virtual races due to any acts of god (an act of god is a legal term for events outside human control, such as sudden natural disasters, for which no one can be held responsible).

I will follow all local laws with respect to paddling and related activities.

You hereby permanently grant Canadian Paddle League permission to record your voice and to photograph you in conjunction with any of our virtual races. You understand and agree that the term photograph as used herein encompasses both still photographs and video recordings. You further grant Canadian Paddle League permanent permission to use your photograph, voice, and likeness taken in conjunction with the virtual race, in any form. You further waive any right of inspection or approval of any such recordings and photographs. 

By purchasing a virtual race kit/package, you are affirming that you have read this agreement and waiver and fully understand its terms. You understand that you and all registered parties are giving up substantial rights, including the right to sue. You acknowledge that you are agreeing to this agreement and waiver freely and voluntarily, and intend by your acceptance to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law. If the participant is a minor or incapacitated adult, you certify that you are the participant’s parent or guardian and agree to this waiver and release from liability on behalf of the participant.

You understand that any race-related goods will be mailed to you via Canada Post mail without tracking (if you live in the Canada). International participants may be responsible for shipping costs to their destinations. You agree that you will not hold Canadian Paddle League or its volunteers responsible for your race goods once they have been shipped. You agree that you will hold harmless Canadian Paddle League of any damage, theft, or misplacement of your race goods, once the sent date, delivery method, and confirmed send address have been communicated. If you are a non-Canadian participant, you understand that you will not be charged any extra fees other than shipping fees; however you agree that you will be responsible for any customs fees that may be charged to you by the local authorities.

Any in-person activity or meet-up that results from your interaction with Canadian Paddle League is independent of Canadian Paddle League, its owners and its volunteers. Such activity will not hold Canadian Paddle League liable for any injury, damage, rule violations or other consequence of in-person paddling activities.

Canadian Paddle League may make changes to its agreement and liability waivers at anytime it deems necessary. It is the participant(s) responsibility prior to signing up for a race to thoroughly read the Canadian Paddle League agreement and liability waiver regardless if the participant(s) read it for a prior race as changes may have been made.