Welcome to Canadian Paddle League! The community is stoked to have you!

Some important info

You must complete registration through your email. Please check your email (or junk folder) for a link.

If you joined with swag, please submit the sizing form in the Members Area. Swag will be delivered in June.

Log in to the Members Area as your home base.

Make note of your unique BIB #, which is your unique identifier for all of your race results . Use this when posting your results in order to maintain your season ranking, and upgrade your race times.

This year, you also have the ability to post race reports to the website, including your stories, photos (upload) and video (with a link). We all love to see these reports! You can also link to these posts under ‘social’ when entering race results in order to get full credibility. Group discussion will remain open in the Can Pdl Leauge Facebook group (link in the members area).

Have fun. Paddle hard. Reach out if you have any issues…