2KM Sprint? Sprint?!

First go at the 2km sprint. Ahem, or should I say what felt like threshold until the end where I could muster a sprint for all of 10m. If they are looking for new Olympic sports, the 2km sprint would be a cracking spectacle to watch as after halfway it would be complete carnage.

Great to have this event included though, as it’s a very challenging mix of pacing, going hard and not dying at the end.

Managed a negative split 2nd half after a very average turn. Am I the only one that looks forward to the turn to catch a breath? No wind really today but the AQI isn’t great. Above 130 lately so wasn’t great for a harder effort.

Playing around with a smaller bladed paddle to see if the extra stroke rate helps in the shorter distances so will try and have a go later in the month with my usual paddle for a comparison.




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