Endurance Championship

Endurance Championship – Prone

(This report is a shortened version of the Forum post)

Routes were Humber River and shores of Lake Ontario. Every day perfect conditions. Day 1,lakeshore. Day 2, river, 15km in am, 15km in afternoon and THE most challenging day at 30km total. Day 3 lakeshore, 15km.
For 3 days focused on all the ‘enjoy’ (rather than ‘endure’) to carry me through to the end. The beauty of Mother Nature (heron, egrets, deer, rare trumpeter swans). And Ontario Place, sights and sounds of kids on water floats.
Distractions too – dodging little sailors and river rowers. No day was easy. But worth every scrape, bruise and sore muscle! And my tough little Ghost (sadly) had some scratches and nicks. Perfect parters for an amazing 60km adventure! Total – 14hrs, 22min and 54s.

Endurance 60km, Segment 1 (August 8)
Endurance 60km, Segment 2 (August 9)
Endurance 60km, Segment 3 (August 9)
Endurance 60km, Segment 4 (August 10)

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