Endurance Championship

The plan was to use my first 32 km of Muskoka River X but I got lost in the fog right from the start and on my home course too hahaha. 2nd pic shows the fog around 8am 2hrs into race.  So 32 km a week after 137 km let me test the possibility of River X and Red River 100 back to back.  Felt strong today with 4 hrs and under being the goal.  Winds from the east and 20 km gust gave lake Vernon some life lots of with the wind and into the wind today.  Also twice I had to come to a complete stop because boaters cut me off.  I guess the gas is getting to expensive to go a few hundred feet around someone these days! All in it was a great day on the water still summer like and fall colours in Muskoka.

IMG_1877-2.png IMG_1941-3.jpeg IMG_1939-0.jpeg IMG_1896-1.jpeg


One thought on “Endurance Championship

  1. Holy crap can’t believe you were able to pull this pace off for a 32 km so soon after MRX!!! I don’t think impressive as a word does it justice, but let’s go with it 🤯

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